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Terms & Conditions of Sale

general terms as apply to all sales

  1. Terms of the sale are cash, debit, Mastercard/VISA, certified cheque or personal cheque with proper identification (such as D/L# and/or credit card).

  2. All property is being displayed for thorough public inspection and shall be sold as is, where is and without recourse for any refund or reduction of the sale price. Misnomer or incorrect description shall not entitle the purchaser to any refund or reduction of the sales price. All bidders are urged to closely inspect all items offered.

  3. When the Auctioneer says “sold”, title on the property shall pass to the highest bidder. Should a tie or dispute arise between two or more bidders, the Auctioneer may reopen the bidding between the high bidders until the property is sold. The decision of the Auctioneer shall be final & absolute.

  4. The Auctioneer reserves the right to add or withdraw any item before or during the sale, to regulate the bidding and to accept or reject any and all bids.

  5. GST will be charged where applicable.

  1. NSF cheques or stoppage of payment will be turned over to legal authorities and all costs will be at the purchaser’s expense.

  2. The Auctioneers, their agents, the owners of the premises and all persons for whom the Auctioneer may be acting shall not be liable to any person for damages to their person or property while in, on or about these premises, nor shall they be liable for hidden defects. All persons are on these premises at their own risk.

  3. You are responsible for all items charged to your Bidding Number. All bidders are bound by their signature on bidders registration agreement.

  4. Bidding on any item indicates acceptance of these terms and conditions. Any additional terms or conditions of sale shall be announced prior to the auction.

  5. I (we) agree to assign any or all properties, goods or chattels to the selling agent (Scribner Auction) under the Personal Property Securities Act in order that they may recover any monies owing against purchases.

terms & conditions as apply to auto sales only

  1. The Auctioneer reserves the right to accept or reject any bid and in the cases of dispute the auctioneer’s decision shall be final.

  2. All goods are sold on an “as is where is basis.” No warranty exists implied or otherwise in relation to any item(s) and/or good(s) offered for sale unless otherwise announced by the auctioneer at the auction sale.

  3. The Auction Company is not liable for any mechanical defects found on any vehicle or vehicles purchased. Please inspect all item(s) and/or good(s) before bidding.

  4. The Federal Government’s Goods & Services Tax of 5% will be charged on all item(s) and/or good(s) sold and will be remitted to the Federal Government under current Federal regulation governing the goods & services tax.

  5. A minimum deposit of Three Hundred ($300.00) dollars or 10% which ever is greater is required on sale day on any or all item(s) and/or good(s) purchased. Deposits are payable by debit, cash, approved cheque, visa, mastercard.

  6. Any purchase made by Visa or Mastercard will be subject to an additional administration charge of 3% of the total purchase price.

  1. Balance of purchase must be paid by cash, bank draft, certified funds, debit or personal or company cheque, which has been approved by the auction company. Visa or Mastercard will be accepted following the terms from #16 as set out above.

  2. For the purchasers protection, an administration fee is charged on every item sold, guaranteeing that the item(s) are free and clear of all liens and/or encumbrances.

  3. Settlement in full must be made for all item(s) and/or goods purchased by the conclusion of the next banking day and/or business day from the date of the auction sale before “ANY” item(s) and/or goods are to be removed from the auction premise.

  4. Any short fall shall be the liability of the original purchaser. By signing your bid card you have accepted, and will hold yourself responsible for all the terms and conditions contained in your auction purchase agreement.

  5. Scribner Auction Ltd. is not liable for injury while public is on the auction premise.


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