Unreserved Gun 
& Sportsman Auction
~Live Online Bidding~

Saturday June 27th 2020 
Auction Starts at 10AM


Please join us for this Completely Unreserved Summer Gun & Sportsman Auction! There are over 100 Firearms already! This Auction will include many quality Rifles, Shotguns, Handguns & Much more in the Hunting & Sporting Category (Note: this Auction with include the quality Firearms from the Lyle Biensch Estate).
The Auction will be Live Webcast Online Only on Saturday, June 27th 2020 starting at 10am!
You can pre-bid or bid Live on June 27th !
We are still taking consignments for this Auction, just give us a call (780)842-5666 to arrange!
121-15th Ave (Hwy 14), Wainwright, AB (Pick Ups & Deliveries are by Appointment Only! )

Additional Pictures and Full Auction Listing – COMING SOON!

PARTIAL FIREARMS LISTING (Note: Inlcuding Firearms from the Lyle Biensch Estate)

RIFLE: Marlin Model 982VS Bolt Action .22 Win Mag w/Simons Scope S/N#96666963

RIFLE: SKS 7.62 x 39 Semi-Auto (Missing Clip) S/N# AΠ2170

RIFLE: Winchester Model 600 Repeater .22SL/LR w/Bushnell Scope

RIFLE: Tikka M55 Bolt Action .22-250 REM w/Bausch & Lomb Scope S/N# 550-196982

RIFLE: Winchester Model 64B Semi-Auto .22LR S/N# CA111644

RIFLE: Ruger Target .223 Semi-Auto w/Tasco Scope S/N# 581-58142

RIFLE: Remington Model 700 Bolt Action 300 Win Mag w/Bushnell Scope S/N#D6628961

RIFLE: Savage Axis 25-06 Rem Bolt w/Carl Zeiss Scope S/N#H250396

RIFLE: Browning Medallion .243 Win Bolt w/Bausch & Lomb Scope S/N#84442NZ2M7

RIFLE: Winchester Model 39 Bolt Action .22SL/LR

RIFLE: Anschutz Model 1415-1416 Bolt Action .22cal w/Bushnell Scope S/N# 1281589

RIFLE: Ruger 10-22 Semi-Auto .22LR w/Nikon Scope S/N#822-90112

RIFLE: Braztech Rossi .38spl/.357mag Lever S/N#RH925R193879

AIRGUN : Stoeger X20 Single Shot 4.5mm/.177cal w/Scope S/N#STG1005794

RIFLE: Browning A-Bolt 7mm REM Mag Bolt Action w/Bausch & Lomb Scope S/N# 48817NT8C7

SHOTGUN: Mossberg Model 185K-B Bolt Action 20ga 2-3/4”

SHOTGUN: Winchester Model 12 Pump 12ga 2-3/4” S/N#1401705

SHOTGUN: Winchester Model 840 Break 12ga 2-3/4” S/N#889344

RIFLE: Tikka M595 Bolt .17Rem w/Bushnell Scope S/N#254348

RIFLE: Browning X-Bolt .270WSM Bolt w/Leupold Scope S/N#04744ZX354

RIFLE: Tikka T3 Bolt Action 25-06 Rem w/Bushnell Scope S/N#781233

RIFLE: Remington Model 700 Bolt Action .260 Rem w/Cabella Scope S/N#D6620131

COMBO GUN: Savage Model 24 Double BBL  Break .22LR/.410

RIFLE: Browning T-Bolt Bolt Action .17HMR w/Scorpion Scope S/N#04623ZW253

RIFLE: Marlin 336A Lever 30-30 Win w/Weaver Scope

RIFLE: Browning .22LR Pump

RIFLE: Cooey Model 60 Bolt Action .22cal Repeater

RIFLE: Browning .22LR Pump

RIFLE: Stevens .22SL/LR Pump S/N#T381

SHOTGUN: Harrington & Richardson Pardner 410ga Break S/N#CAC437715

SHOTGUN: Lakefield Mossberg Model 500C Pump 20ga S/N#H313803

SHOTGUN: Hawkins Double Barrel Break

RIFLE: Ruger 10-22 Semi-Auto .22LR w/Tasco Scope S/N#351-88151

RIFLE: BNP .3030 British Bolt w/Sling S/N# 10352

RIFLE: Break Action .22LR

HANDGUN: Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum Revolver

HANDGUN: Smith & Wesson Model 22A-1 Semi-Auto .22LR w/Extra Clips S/N# UDL8507

HANDGUN: AMT Lightning .22LR Semi-Auto w/Extra Clips S/N#G08931

Partial Listing is subject to Additions/Deletions/Changes

Gun & Sportsman Auction

Completely Unreserved

Saturday, June 27th 2020

Auction Starts at 10AM

121-15th Ave (Hwy 14), Wainwright, AB (App't Only)





RIFLE : Squires Bingham .22LR  Semi-Auto w/Tasco Scope S/N#23-950030

RIFLE : Remington Model 552 Speedmaster .22SL/LR Semi-Auto S/N#1427432

RIFLE : Squires Bingham Model 20P .22LR S/N#A569546

RIFLE : Marlin Model 917M25 Bolt 17 Mach 2 S/N#96710311

RIFLE : Browning T-Bolt GR.1 Bolt Action .22LR (Salt Wood) S/N#5-403x70

RIFLE : Cooey Model 75 Single Shot .22SL/LR

RIFLE : Mossberg Model 46B Bolt .22SL/LR

RIFLE : Cooey Model 75 Single Shot .22SL/LR

RIFLE : Savage .22cal Bolt w/JC Higgins Scope & Sling

COMBO GUN: Savage Model 24C Series P .22LR & 12ga 2-3/4” Campers Companion w/Ammo Holder S/N#C391824 72-88

RIFLE : Winchester .22LR Model 77

RIFLE : Winchester Model 1894 Hex BBL 32-40cal S/N#296933

RIFLE : Winchester .33cal  Model 1886 S/N#133567A

RIFLE : Winchester Model 1895 Carbine Army 30cal w/Saddle Ring (Reblued) S/N#77725

RIFLE : Winchester Model 100 Semi-Auto .308cal w/Bushnell Scope S/N#A207528

RIFLE : Savage Model 170 Series B 30-30cal Pump w/Sites & Bases S/N#13797817

RIFLE : Browning Safari 7mm Mag Bolt w/Redfield Wide Angle Scope S/N#8L-48425

RIFLE : Winchester Model 70 XTR .270cal Bolt w/Tasco Scope (Missing Bolt) S/N#G1433765

RIFLE : Martini Enfield VR 1886 IV (No Stock) S/N#A9652

RIFLE : Parker Hale Safari 30-06 Bolt w/Bushnell Scope S/N#Z-27229

RIFLE : Parker Hale Super Safari .308 Norma Mag Bolt w/Sites & Sling (Poor Recoil Pad) S/N#Z-20181

RIFLE : Remington 700 BDL 300 Win Mag Bolt w/Rings S/N#C6645359

RIFLE : Ruger Model M77 30-06 Bolt - Tang Safety w/Wide Angle Scope S/N#73-05941

RIFLE : Winchester Model 70 (Pre 64) 30-06 w/Sites & Steel Butt Pad S/N#259687

RIFLE : BSA Featherweight 30-06 Bolt w/Leupold Bases, Adjustable Rings & Express Sites S/N#7D3104

SHOTGUN : CIL Model 607 Pump 20ga 3” (Some Bluing Discoloring)

SHOTGUN : Browning Model 28 BPS 12ga 3” Pump (Some Bluing Discoloring) S/N#18569RN152

SHOTGUN : Remington Model 10 Pump 12ga 2-3/4” S/N#213383

SHOTGUN : H. Spenser & Co 12ga Double BBL  (Tight w/Extractors)

SHOTGUN : Double BBL 12ga (Loose) S/N#20613

SHOTGUN : Stevens Model 58 Bolt 12ga 2-3/4”

SHOTGUN : Stevens Model 820B 12ga 2-3/4” Pump

RIFLE : Anschutz Model 1530 Bolt .222cal (West Germany) S/N#687757

RIFLE : Kodiak Model 260 Semi-Auto .22 WMR w/Sites

RIFLE : Savage Super Sporter 250/3000cal Bolt w/Weaver Scope (Rear Site Missing) S/N#22074

RIFLE : Ruger Model M77 Bolt 220 Swift w/Bushnell Scope (Camo Painted Wood Stock) S/N#73-23479

RIFLE : Remington Model 591M Bolt 5mm Mag w/Sites (Broken Clip) S/N#1132484

RIFLE : Stevens Model 85 .22LR (Missing Clip & Action Knob)

RIFLE :  Wards Westernfield .22SL/LR Semi-Auto

RIFLE :  Lee Enfield Mark III Sporter .303cal w/Weaver Scope S/N#86860

RIFLE : Enfield P14 .303 British Bolt S/N#64634

RIFLE : Enfield Sporter 1918 SMLE Mark III .303 cal (Short Military) w/Sling S/N#1285

RIFLE : Enfield P14 RE .303 Bolt w/Peep Sites (Matching Numbers) S/N#39909

RIFLE : NEW - Ruger American 30-06 Bolt – Left Handed S/N#697-00553

RIFLE : NEW - Savage Axis .243cal Bolt (Trigger & Shim Kit Installed 3.0-3.5lb Pull) S/N#J023241

SHOTGUN : NEW – Mossberg Model 535 Pump Combo 12ga 3”

RIFLE : NEW – Marlin Model XT-17VR Bolt 17HMR (Heavy BBL, Adjustable Trig, Synthetic Stock, Scope Bases) S/N#70724MM36627E

AIR RIFLE : NEW – Norica Model Mavvis .177cal Break S/N#47450-96

RIFLE : NEW – Savage Model 64 Semi-Auto .22LR – Left Handed S/N#2694723

RIFLE : NEW – Mossberg International Model 817 Bolt 17HMR S/N#HMH3875678

RIFLE : NEW – Mossberg International .22cal Model 802 w/Sites S/N#HPH4206534

SHOTGUN : NEW – Harrington & Richardson Pump 12ga 2-3/4” & 3” S/N#NZ776507

RIFLE : NEW – Browning A-Bolt III  Bolt 300 Win Mag w/Browning Scope Rings 7 Mounts S/N#11639ZW358

RIFLE :  Winchester Model 70 (Pre 64) Bolt .220 Swift w/Rings & Bases S/N#313240

RIFLE :  NEW –  German Gunsports GSG Model MP40 Semi-Auto .22LR S/N#BL41201

AIR RIFLE : Crosman Model 38T .22cal Double & Single Action S/N#676610915

ANTIQUE PISTOL: Sharps Derringer  30cal Break (4 BBL)

ANTIQUE PISTOL: Marlin 1873 Revolver 32cal

ANTIQUE PISTOL: Colt Derringer 41cal Break S/N#9939

ANTIQUE PISTOL: Double Barrel Cap & Ball Unknown cal Muzzle Loader

ANTIQUE PISTOL: Unknown Make Single Barrel Cap & Ball Unknown cal Muzzle loader

ANTIQUE PISTOL: Marlin 1875 Revolver 32cal S/N#5596

RIFLE: Ruger SR-22 Semi-Auto 22LR w/BSA Tactical Scope, Bi-Pod & Sling S/N#280-15385

SHOTGUN: Boito Hiker .410ga Break 3” S/N#61074-06

RIFLE: Ruger 10-22 Carbine 22LR Semi-Auto w/Bi-Pod Folding Stock & Bushnell Scope S/N#234-95807

RIFLE: Stevens Visible Loader 22SL/LR Pump S/N#5151015 (Parts Gun)

RIFLE: Arch Angel Marauder 22LR w/Folding Stock, Pick-a-Dilly Rail Handle & Scope S/N#356-27794

RIFLE: Remington 742 Woodmaster 308WIN Semi-Auto w/Redfield Scope S/N#A7426195

RIFLE: Remington 597 Semi-Auto 22LR w/Bushnell Scope S/N#B2730765 (Missing Clip)

RIFLE: Ruger 10-22 Carbine 22LR Semi-Auto w/Bushnell Scope S/N#233-89293

SHOTGUN: Maverick by Mossberg 88 Pump 12 ga 2-3/4” & 3” S/N#MV15967V (18.5” BBL)

SHOTGUN: Squires Bingham 16 Semi-Auto 22LR S/N#A210840

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