The Scribner Auction Story:

Scribner Auction started its journey in the year 2000 when Ron Scribner decided to add one more thing to his already busy schedule . . . so off to Regina he went to be trained at the Auctioneers Training Centre of Canada. In the years that followed, the family based business of Scribner Auction became very busy. Ron & Marsha conducted the majority of the Auction Sales right at their home shop with help from their sons Kevin & Brad and other eager family members. Early in 2004 Kevin Scribner decided that he would also pursue the fast talking trade and follow in his Dad’s footsteps, so he left Ft. McMurray to attend the same school in Regina. In the spring of 2004 Kevin & Katrina moved back to Wainwright to become more involved in the Auction operation. By 2006 Ron & Marsha were finding it increasingly difficult to manage both a Custom Crop Spraying business and what was rapidly becoming a Full Time Auction business. In the fall of 2006 Kevin & Katrina assumed full ownership of the business and moved the Auction office & pavilion to the Town of Wainwright and the first Auction at the new location was February 2007. Ron & Marsha continued to be a part of the Auction Sales and help out as they could while Brad has remained full time with Scribner Spraying. So it was inevitable that Katrina Scribner become an Auctioneer, and so she attended Auctioneering school in August 2009 and has taken her place at the podium. Katrina is also very involved with the online bidding platform during the Auction Sales which was introduced to our bidders in 2017.

And then came …. Tegan Colp … who walked into the Scribner Auction office in 2013 (known better as #TeganTuesday) and inserted herself in the mix. She has become infamous on Social Media. She brings a fresh & youthful perspective to the business and seems to be a real crowd pleaser. Tegan currently Manages daily operations and can be seen at each sale as the Lead Bid Spotter. If you need an Auction Sale in any category, just give Tegan a call !

We would like to note that many of our Sale Day Crew “weekend warriors” at Scribner Auction have been with us for 5-10-15-20 Years!

The business is currently located on Hwy 14 in Wainwright, AB and continues to provide a unique blend of traditional Auctioneering with a level of high energy & entertainment in person & online.

2020 was of course our 20th year in the Business and we look forward to continue serving Alberta & Saskatchewan as we are called upon. We pride ourselves on detail & display, and this can be seen easily when you attend any Scribner Auction.

Scribner Auction has been fortunate to make headlines on a few occasions locally & nationally a few times. Such stories included selling the World’s Oldest known Plymouth Car, or more recently selling a very Rare 1921 Canada Fifty Cent Coin that garnered Industry attention. There have been many great moments in that past 22 years and we look forward to many more . . . See you at the Auction ~ Kevin, Katrina & Tegan


In late 2021 our family & our community lost Ron Scribner to ALS.
We miss him and plan to continue his legacy in the Auction Industry.

Kevin Scribner

Owner / Auctioneer

Katrina Scribner

Owner / Auctioneer

Tegan Tuesday


Wendy Skidmore

Lisa L. June 10, 2018 "I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in having an auction sale to use Scribners. Our experience was seamless from start to finish. They are amazing at what they do and it shows in their extremely hard working staff and excellent service. So impressed with everything they have done for us!! Thanks for an amazing experience"

Adam H. December 21, 2019 “Great people… great communication…  and great publicity”


Wally V.  September 29, 2019 “I attended the Scribner auction for the Coleman Kiss Toy Collection September 28. This sale was very well organized and kept running smoothly throughout the whole day. Kevin,the auctioneer was amazing to say the least...he did not stop from 11 to 7 that day...well done sir!! I would definitely recommend Scribner Auction Service for anyones auction coming up!”


Deanna S.  March 17, 2015 “My husband and I are not HUGE collector's, however we always seem to come home with a new treasure each and every time we go to an auction! Love the people. Love the atmosphere. Its always a good time and surprisingly enough, eventhough they usually have tons of FANTABULOUS finds up for grabs, the time seems to fly!”


Jake V. March 8, 2019 “great atmosphere and staff. always a good time”


Derek H. March 2, 2019 “My daughters and I haven’t missed a gun auction for 3 years. Fun family atmosphere”


Bob M. January 19, 2019 “They are awesome people and have quality items at their auctions”

Charlie M. October 26, 2016 "Gotta love this auction house. A small town business rooted in family and friends that makes everyone who comes into their house feel at home. I go to many of the auctions, sometimes to see what's up for bid that I 'need' to have, or sometimes to sell what I once thought I needed. I always have a good time listening to the banter, the humour, and the fair and friendly way everyone is treated. I always get to meet someone new who is ready to exchange a few words, opinions, stories and laughs. Maybe it's just the way all of the Scribner staff always have time for a smile and a hello, no matter how busy they are. Or maybe it's all of the above. I do know I enjoy the time I spend there and I know I'm not alone because of all the other faces I see again and again. Kevin and Katrina must be doing something right, or me and the rest of the folks must have it all wrong. Either way, I do know I'll be there tomorrow enjoying the day that Scribners has worked so hard to serve up to me and the rest of their guests. If you've never been to an auction, this is the one to get your feet wet."

It's our attention 

to detail that 

sets us apart

Admin Assistant

SCRIBNER AUCTION HAS BEEN SERVING Alberta & Saskatchewan for over 25 years in the Auction Industry and provides a quality Live Webcast Online Auction Service & is fully equipped to sell at your location or right at our facilities in Wainwright, AB on Hwy 14. We offer competitive rates, many diverse advertising options & quality staff with friendly service.

TO ARRANGE FOR A CONSULTATION please call our office 780-842-5666.

Brian Colp

Field Agent